How to Become an IHSS Provider

State laws require that all IHSS providers go through an enrollment process and pass a background check before they are eligible to be paid by the IHSS program. To enroll as an IHSS care provider, you must complete the steps below.

Start the On-Line Enrollment Process by Completing the Following

Make sure you read the 4 steps of enrollment before selecting "Continue to Enrollment"

  1. Create an account by selecting the "Continue To Enrollment" link below.  Make sure to write down your username, password and security questions (these are case sensitive)
  2. Watch the mandatory videos (you will need your security questions to watch the videos)
  3. Review and e-sign documents on the enrollment site.
  4. Schedule an enrollment completion appointment (this is done on the enrollment site)


Continue to Enrollment Here

Steps After Your On-Line Enrollment is Fully Completed

  • Sign the 426
  • Sign the 846
  • Have your consumer sign the 426A
  • Bring your valid drivers license or another government-issued photo ID to your appointment.
  • Bring your Social Security Card to your appointment (Note: your name on both ID's must match)

 Background Check:

  • The online documents include a Live Scan form that must be completed for fingerprinting. Make an appointment to be fingerprinted and take the form with you.
  • Keep the completed copy of the Live Scan form and your receipt for your own records
  • A background check is required BEFORE you can be paid for providing IHSS services

 After completion of all enrollment processes and documents, a cleared background, and a completed SOC 426A that your consumer completes, we can then start the payroll process to issue timesheets. 

  • If you wish to become a Public Authority Registry Provider:
    • Request and complete a Registry Application packet, available through Public Authority
    • Schedule a face-to-face interview with the Public Authority
    • Complete the online enrollment process

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