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Frequently Asked Questions

I have questions about payroll and/or direct deposit. Who should I call?

All payroll and direct deposit questions go through payroll services. Please call IHSS payroll at (209) 754-6439.

I completed the finger printing process and haven't heard about my status. How long does this usually take?

DOJ results are fairly quick, usually within 5 business days. There could be many reasons for a delay in the Public Authority receiving the results.  Below are some of the reasons that have caused delays.

  • Living in multiple states 
  • Having a criminal background (regardless of convictions or not)
  • Fingerprint processing issues (difficulty in reading the prints received)
  • Multiple names/aliases 

You will be contacted as soon as we receive the results.

I am currently an IHSS Provider but would like to be added to the Public Authority Registry List

If you are currently working as an IHSS provider and wish to be added to our Registry List, please contact the Public Authority at (209) 754-6544.

I am a provider and I need to report a change of address or phone number

You need to report any changes in address, phone, or provider status to the Public Authority. You can do this online or by calling (209) 754-6544. 

How do I become an IHSS Provider

There are a few steps in becoming an IHSS Provider. The Public Authority website contains all the necessary information. Please go to the "Provider Enrollment" page on the website to enroll. If you do not have a computer or smartphone, we recommend going to a location that offers computer access such as your local library or Mother Load Job Training.

Link to Enrollment Webpage